About Doğa Gıda AŞ

With its organisation spread across the country, Doğa Gıda AŞ is one of the Turkey’s leading industrial corporations in the fats and oils and protein meals industry.

Starting out from the principle of productivity for the purpose of offering high quality at affordable products, Doğa Gıda has prioritised technology use and has been continuously renovating itself since it was founded.Founded with the awareness of the fact that the prerequisite for quality oil production is the “production of quality seeds” and depending on the basic function of sourcing quality seed, Doğa Zirai AŞ, provides hybrid seeds, fertilizer and technical support to farmers from planting to harvest. This directly helps country’s domestic oilseed production thus reducing oilseed imports and consequently contributing to reduce foreign trade deficit.

Having an important role in supplying cattle, ruminant and poultry feed sectors with protein meals as byproduct of vegoil production, Doğa Gıda AŞ considers quality to be its most significant priority throughout its production.

Within the context of this, DOĞA Gıda always offers better service both in Turkey and abroad attached to its quality products.


DOĞA Gıda AŞ was founded in 2002 by Faruk SARI in Manisa as a storage facility on a 14,000 m2 of open and 4,000 m2 of closed area. Today DOĞA Gıda is situated in multi locations with high-technology manufacturing facilities. 4 plants sit on a total of 186,767 m2 of land with 39.200 m2 of closed area in Muradiye/Manisa, Izmir/Menemen, Adana/Ceyhan and Balıkesir/Havran.Production is supported by the bonded warehouses in Mersin (28,000 m2) and Bandırma (13,600m2).

DOĞA Gıda can crush up to 1,800 tons per day of oilseeds (595,000 tons per year), and refine 270 tons per day of crude oil (90,000 tons per year) in these 4 facilities. With its capacity, Doga Gıda is in a position to supply crude and refined oils to Turkey’s leading companies. Doga Gıda targets to increase its refining capacity to 180,000 tons/year through the new investment which is under construction in Adana/Ceyhan facility.

In 2012, Doga Gıda set up Doğa Zirai Ürünler A.Ş. for the purpose of sourcing domestic oilseeds directly from the farmers and thus contributing to Turkey’s oilseed production. As part of this, Doğa Zirai is now engaged in contract farming in the Thrace, Central Anatolia, Southeast Anatolia and Aegean regions, also contributing to country’s economy by purchasing the products of independent farmers.

In 2012, Doğa Gıda also began manufacturing of refined and packaged oils and set up Istanbul based Doğa Grup Yemeklik Yağlar AŞ for sales and marketing of her product.

With a turnover of 351 million TRY ($ 232m) in 2009, 473 million TRY ($ 305m) in 2010, of 792 million TRY ($ 417m) in 2011, 827 million TL ($ 462m) in 2012, and 558 million TL ($ 293m) in 2013 Doğa Gıda was ranked 212nd, 200th, 171st, 170th, and 197th respectively among ISO 500 industrial companies. Doğa Gıda holds the certifications ISO 9001:2008 for all of its plants and of ISO 22000:2005 and Halal Food for its Havran refining facility.

Doğa Gıda holds the certifications ISO 9001:2008 for all of its plants and of ISO 22000:2005 and Halal Food for its Havran refining facility.