Doğa Grup Yemeklik Yağ Paz. Satış ve Dağ. İth. İhr. AŞ

Founded in 2012 as an affiliate of Doğa Gıda, Doğa Grup Yemeklik AŞ with its head offices in İstanbul, the company deals with domestic sales and export of bulk and packaged refined oils.

Doğa Grup Pazarlama AŞ aims to maintain customer satisfaction at the highest level in its relationships with its customers. With the support of Doğa Gıda’s multi-region high technolgy production and supply, the company tries to offer quality products at affordable prices to everyone.

 “DOALYA” brand which was positioned on the basis of this purpose, has entered the market strongly with emphasis of “purity and naturality” gained recognition of the market throughout Turkey.