Doğa Zirai Ürün. Hububat ve Bakl. Alım Satım Paz. Dep. İth. İhr. AŞ
Established in 2012 as an affiliate of Doğa Gıda in 2012 with head offices in Keşan-Edirne, the company supports the production and supply of domestic oilseeds.
Doğa Zirai provides hybrid seed and fertilizer support to farmers under contract farming by determining regions suitable for oilseed production and establishing plantation fields, therefore help counterbalance country’s oilseed deficit. Within the framework of contract farming Doğa Zirai supports the farmers from planting to harvest.
Doğa Zirai A.Ş’s objective is to grow and supply high quality crops by raising awareness of farmers in order to improve production yields.