Refined Oils

Doğa Gıda A. Ş. produce crude, semi-refined and fully refined and oils is also fully equipped to produce packaged oils for domestic use. Doğa Gıda possesses sufficient capacity to meet any toll manufacturing requests coming from the Middle East, mainly from Iraq.Refined oils are produced by neutralizing, bleaching, winterization and deodorization of crude oils for a period of 36 to 48 hours. After refining, oil is purified from acid and and phospholipid and dewaxed into a consumable form, including taste. By-products of refining process are used as feedstock by several sectors.

The fully refined vegetable oil produced by Doğa Gıda can be directly marketed by our customers from our factory. With its refining capacity of 250 tons per day Doğa Gıda is active in the Middle East market, as well as Turkey.